Check ip address in windows xp

Step 3 From the Command Prompt, enter ipconfig. It will return your IP address , subnet mask, and default gateway. Step 1 Click on Start , type in cmd in the search field and hit enter.

How to: Change IP Address on Windows XP

Step 2 The command prompt window will open. Type in ipconfig and hit enter.

Here’s how to hide your IP address in Windows XP

Step 3 It will return your IP address , subnet mask, and default gateway. I get limited or no access. In comparison to VPN solutions, you can most certainly use the majority of proxy solutions. Tor The Onion Router is the open-source internet privacy project packed in one multi-functional browser.

It does slow down connection a bit but it provides its users with almost complete anonymity. Nonetheless, this program is completely free and should work on Windows XP platform without any issues. You can download Tor browser here. That should do it.

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hotComm FAQ: Assign Static IP Address (Windows XP)

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