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It could be located under the spare tire, or any other crevice in the trunk space. Check under all the seats. Using a flashlight, look for anything that appears out of place, such as a small electrical module without wires or with a couple of loose-hanging wires. Compare the undersides of both front seats to determine if something is abnormal. You can also check the edge of the seat upholstery for lumps that may hide a tracking device. Check under the rear seat as well if it is movable.

Inspect the underside of the dashboard. On the passenger side, the glove box can usually be removed to look for tracking devices inside.

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This device is seen in popular spy movies and actually exists! It can be purchased online or at surveillance supply retailers. Sweepers come in varying shapes and sizes, from a pen that conceals the device to a small, cassette tape-sized unit. They scan for a wide range of radio frequencies and alert you of nearby signals with an audible tone, flashing light, or vibration.

To use the bug detector or sweeper, turn it on and slowly walk around your vehicle.

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Place it near any location you suspect a tracking device may be placed and in all the locations mentioned above. A light, vibration, or audible signal on the bug sweeper will indicate whether there is a radio frequency being transmitted nearby. The signal will indicate when you are getting close by illuminating more lights or changing its tone. Several industry professionals who work with electronics regularly can provide assistance in looking for a tracking device in your car.

Look up:. Professionals can identify GPS tracking devices that you may have missed. You can also hire a private investigator to check your vehicle — they might have more knowledge of potential hiding spots and what a device looks like. If you do happen to find a GPS tracking device hidden in your vehicle, removal is typically easy. Since most trackers are battery operated, they will not be wired to your car. Confirm there are no wires attached to the unit and simply disconnect it.

If it is magnetic, a gentle tug will pull it free. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Electric Problems Inspection. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Schedule Electric Problems Inspection. Service Area. Average rating from customers who received a Electric Problems Inspection. For example: Fleet companies to locate company vehicles.

How to Find a GPS Tracker in Your Car in 5 Steps | YourMechanic Advice

Taxi companies for vehicle dispatching. Step 2: Perform a physical inspection 1. Check the Exterior You want to check all the locations where a tracker could be hidden. Check for a small black box plugged into the data port. If one is present, it can be easily removed.

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Tip : Under the dash, other accessories like remote starters or power door lock modules may be wired in. Before removing a device under the dash that you suspect to be a tracking device, check for a brand name or model number and research it online. Step 3: Use an Electronic Sweeper This device is seen in popular spy movies and actually exists!

Tip : Because some tracking devices only operate while in motion, have a friend drive your vehicle around while you scan for trackers. Step 4: Seek Professional Assistance Several industry professionals who work with electronics regularly can provide assistance in looking for a tracking device in your car. Look up: Alarm system installers Audio system technicians Licensed mechanics specializing in electrical systems Remote start installers Professionals can identify GPS tracking devices that you may have missed. Home Articles.

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Don't get lost. The latest in GPS technology, including dedicated devices and smartphone apps.

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