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  6. By knowing who visited your site, which pages they went on and how long for, you have gained valuable insights that you can use to create better content and website offers. It will also help you spot any gaps and areas that could do with more work or a revamp.

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    Analyzing the path visitors follow will give you insights about what really interests them. See how many pages they are reading before filling out a form and becoming a lead. With all the information you can get about who is visiting your website, refining your buyer journey will be easy. What you want to be looking at is whether visitors are behaving as you anticipated. Do they read the pages you thought they would?

    Track IP through WhatsApp, Facebook or any messenger

    Some companies will use this information to qualify leads. They will send out a chain of specifically crafted emails that offer certain information to the recipient, but only if they actually visited certain web pages.

    Having detailed information about web visitors can also be highly valuable when it comes to strengthening the sales process. When you last adapted your sales process, did you think to include information about who is visiting your website? How helpful would it be for your sales pitch, to know exactly what information that particular person has been looking at and when?

    Particularly if you operate across several business areas, with little overlap. For this to be possible of course, you also need to have the right content on your website in the first place. Have marketing and sales teams come together to share their insights and pool information that will help you outline the type of content that is going to be most helpful.

    If you know exactly who has visited your website, combined with detailed insights about their behavior, then you can better qualify leads. That means that while marketing is working away at generating leads and nurturing prospects along, your salespeople can concentrate all their efforts on contacting only the hottest leads. The result is that sales are doing what they do best — landing new customers.

    You can use your website insights in other clever ways too. For example, when phoning a list of contacts, invite them to view a piece of content on your website. Does your current campaign attract the right type of website visitor? You can find out using Lead Forensics software, by seeing which companies actually visited the page. Make sure you use tracking links on all your campaigns, so you are able to report on results.

    With IP tracking tools that offer company information, you can set up an alert to tell you exactly that. What this all means for savvy B2Bs, is that a company website can go far beyond being a glorified brochure. It can even go beyond being a lead generation and nurturing tool.

    Your IP address: Who can see it and what you can do about it

    With the right analytics and IP tracking tools in place, your website can now provide you with valuable data that can be used at every stage of the sales process, supporting the efforts of both marketing and sales teams. As well as using this data to ensure your website is working to its optimal level, you can also use it to push your success up to a whole new level — checking the effectiveness of content marketing, strengthening your ABM plans and tailoring sales pitches.

    So, think outside the basic analytics box and see where it may take you. GDPR increases internet privacy for web users. But, it also has a massive impact on tracking in internet marketing. Tracking IP addresses can tell you a lot about your website visitors. But make sure you comply with internet privacy regulations. Just because your marketing tool allows you to track IP addresses, doesn't mean it's a good idea! Jeff Sauer is an independent Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Teacher based out of a suitcase somewhere in the world.

    What is the role of IP tracking in Google Analytics? Interested in Google Analytics? There are four components of data processing in Google Analytics. Collection Processing Configuration Reporting Most of us only think about the reporting component of Google Analytics, because that's where we do our work. But, by the time our data hits the reporting stage, it's been scrubbed and processed by Google.

    Google Analytics data configuration After collection, IP addresses enter the configuration and processing stages of Google Analytics. Here's an example of an internal IP address filter. This exclusion filter removes traffic generated by the filtered IP from going into your reports. Google Analytics data processing During the processing stage, Google transfers data to a reporting database, which strips IP addresses along the way. IP addresses are not available in your Google Analytics reports So, while Google does collect IP addresses, Google doesn't provide that data to end users.

    Why doesn't Google Analytics share IP address data? Tools that may track and report IP addresses If you absolutely must collect and store IP address data, here are a few places you may want to look.

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    Landing page tools Most landing page tools will show you IP address data for visitors. Marketing automation tools Many marketing automation tools utilize javascript tracking code, just like Google Analytics, to collect user data. User analytics tools Kissmetrics , Mixpanel , and other similar systems will show you IP data that you collect on users.

    Web hosting and logs Web hosting tools track and store IP addresses in their server logs. So, you do have options for IP tracking outside of Google Analytics.